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Japanese Goldfish Food

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To people who live/have lived in Japan,

What do you feed your goldfish. Mine were on hikari floating pellets, then I changed to Tetra flakes. I pre-soak the flakes so they sink, but the fish have a habit of searching the top for food now.

I'm battling and on-going constipation problem, in that, whenever I feed my fish flakes 2 days in a row, they have constipation and I need to feed them peas. I'm not sure feeding them only peas is a viable solution, but I don't want to continue with a food they clearly are happy with.

What do people feed their goldfish. I read the food thread, but a lot of the suggestions were things I have no idea how to get. I can get fresh veggies, but are these nutritious enough for them? I live in a very rural area, it's rice paddy central, so my options are limited. (My Japanese also sucks, which doesn't really help either). My closest big city is Sendai, but that's a few hours away. Any help would be awesome! If you could give me the kanji/pictures that would rock!


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Trinket may stop by with some other brands to suggest, but I used Hikari foods when I was in Japan. You may be able to find Hikari Lionhead, which is a sinking pellet. The bag in Japanese looks like this: http://www.hikari.info/gold/g_05.html. Or, you can order it from Amazon.co.jp here:http://www.amazon.co...22147421&sr=1-6.

You can also make gel foods and use them to supplement pellets, which is what I do. There are plenty of recipes on this site. :) If you cannot find gelatin, you can get agar-agar in Japanese grocery stores and use that to make it gel instead. I 'm afraid I'm not sure about the Japanese word for that--it might be "kanten"?-- but someone can help you find it, I'm sure.

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