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International Shipping

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I recently read that international shipping with some goldfish dealers take 4-6 days, some of them are airport to airport shipping which for me, the nearest airport is a 3 hr drive.

Personally I don't think a fish would survive the trip, You'd probably just order one at a time. Or single bag them all, have a place to stabilize them overnight before the 3 hr drive home if picking them up via airport.

Has anyone ordered fish with international shipping?

(Also for any canadian I HEARD that you have to have a vet certificate for goldfish now which is an added expense but I can't confirm that cause I can't understand CAD Customs websites >.<)

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I am not sure about Canada, but in the US and many other countries, they need to come with a certificate from the breeder proving that they are free of Spring Viremia of Carp, or they'll be destroyed, and there may be other disease-free certs needed. It looks like goldfish (carassius auratus) are on the list you can bring in as pet provided you meet the CFIA requirements, but I am not sure if those "requirements" are simply the bullet points listed for what you need to do to bring fish in as pets in order not to need an import cert or include other things. http://www.inspection.gc.ca/english/anima/imp/petani/fispoie.shtml. Maybe give them a call?

I have not shipped internationally, but I agree that 4-6 days is very risky. Not only stress, air, and water issues, but temp control. If they can do overnight DHL or Fedex, that would be safer, I'd think, but $$$. :huh: If you can get to someone who works with fish imports at CFIA, they may be able to tell you how folks do it.

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