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Tumour Care

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A year or so back FyshLyps (my fantail) developed a thickening line on one of the 'splines' of her right pectoral fin. It wasn't bothering her and it was identified as a benign tumour.

Over the year it has gotten larger, turning into a ball the size of half a small pea. I got a 'fish-doctor' to look at it and was told apart from cutting it out there was nothing else to do. He recommended I leave it as it was causing her no distress and if he did cut it out she may lose her whole fin as it is very close to/part of the joint.

It started to 'scrunch up' last week and yesterday it had actually left a few small pin holes in the fin where it had retreated.

This morning the fin was torn completely up the middle. She seems not to be worried apart from swimming lop-sided as she has no 'push' on that side. The vet assured me that she would be in no pain... but what else can I do t help her?

I still have Marty in my QT tank - he was busting out all over with baterial cysts (starting to heal now with salt and anti-bac food) so I can't put her in there. She is in the main planted tank with Podgy - should I salt or Mela/Pimafix to help her out?

Water params are Amm 0, Ni 0, Na 0, pH 7.8 - have been doing 50% W/C twice a week.



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Poor sweetie. :( If it doesn't bother her I would just keep the water super clean as you are already doing. :)

Keep an eye on it and if you see it doesn't heal or if it starts to look worse you can always add some aquarium salt at that time.

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