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Idea For Potting Live Plants

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I recently got some anacharis, and needed a way to anchor it. I didn't have anything good to tie it to, and I don't have enough gravel at the bottom of my tank to bury the roots, so I decided I needed to pot them. Well, I didn't have any cute little glass vases or any appropriate-sized terra cotta pots laying around, so I made my own pots!

I cut the bottom fourth or so off a clear disposable water bottle so I was left with a little cup for one "pot", and I cut off the bottom portion of a heavier plastic water bottle for the other "pot". Then I simply tied the plants together with some fishing line to make a nice bunch, set them in the cup, and filled with gravel!

The disposable bottle is nice beacuse it's clear and all you see is the gravel, so it looks more natural. But the opaque water bottle does the job too, and could be cute if you used different colors.

The whole tank (please excuse the algae, lol):


The clear bottle:


The clear bottle again:


And the opaque bottle:


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Its a very nice idea... :) but I would really be worried about the edges of the cut plastic pot...I mean the place where its cut, the edges could be very sharp..fish might hurt themselves, if they cut by the sharp edge.. :unsure:

Sorry, this is not to discourage...but this comes from an over protective fish mommy..I worry too much.. :)

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