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New Gravel In The Tank

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So I have decided I want to redecorate my goldfish tank. I wanted to get a natural look going, so I wanted to buy some natural gravel and fake plants.. but my question here is, should I keep some of the old gravel due to years of the good bacteria build up? I have had this tank going for five or six years with the same gravel, so should I just lay the new stuff on top? Its been FOREVER since I set a tank up, so if I remember right I just let water run through the new stuff..

Thanks for any answers... and I am so sorry if this is somehow posted in the wrong section.


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Laying more gravel on top would be too much gravel in your tank...I prefer half or less than half inch of gravel...so I would not suggest that...

And I totally understand your concern about taking the gravel out...what you could do is...do this change over a period of time..usually its advised to take 1 cup of gravel each week...and that will not hurt your cycle...

My take...take out a particular portion of the gravel..say 1/4th of the bottom...and lay the new gravel there...to avoid mixing up both gravels you could leave some bare bottom in between the two different kinds..repeat this process once every week...and over a period of a month or so you will have your new gravel..until then more than half your new gravel would have the good bacteria too.. :) ..taa daa...its a lot of work..but this wud be safe and best way to do this...

Have thought of bare bottom...or natural looking river rocks..those are much better for goldies.. :)

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