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Goldfish Eat Anything

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In our research department most people work on 'food transport' and locomotion of animals. A year ago someone down the hall was given 4 piranias to find out how exactly they get the food from the water into their belly.

In the tank with the 4 piranias was trown a small goldfish. They didn't hurt it. The one who was doing the experiment thought because a goldfish is orange and the piranias have a similar color on there belly. So halve a frog was thrown in. The blood should attract them. It did not. A bit later, the goldfish had started to eat of the death frog. A few days later when the frog was eaten, the goldfish started to nibble on the tails of the piranias.

So goldfish realy eat like pigs, everything

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So the piranhas didn't eat the goldie because it had a similar colouring to them? That's pretty cool :)

I agree that goldies will eat anything big enough to fit in their mouths :P

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