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How Do You Protect Your Pond Koi?

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In the last 2 weeks I have lost 2 Koi from my pond. The first I thought might

be hiding since she was new and little. I no longer think that since it's been

2 weeks since I've seen her. I think the turtle got her, the turtle has been

given a new home.

Three days ago I noticed one of my large Koi is gone. He is to big to hide.

I just don't know what could have gotten him. I have a scare crow protecting the pond,

fire tape hanging from the tree and edges and plenty of hiding spaces for the fish.

Last summer when I had a blue heron help himself to our pond I didn't have all

this protection. After the bird came my fish hid for over a week before I saw them again.

This time no one is hiding, so I don't know what got my large Koi, maybe no other

fish saw the attack, who knows.

The pond had no mess around it like a animal was around, no stones all a mess.

The crows are really out and about- think it was one of them?

What do you all use? I hate the thought of netting.

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Depending where you live, could be a number of animals. I lost one of my fantails to a heron recently and the other fish didnt hide.

I now have netting over it. Better that than an empty pond

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I keep netting on my pond raised with shepards hooks for now, but they are long enough to drape to the ground where I have them staked and rocked down. But when we rebuild, it will have a pergola over the top, and be 2 feet above ground with mostly striaght up and down sides, and I'm considering making removable screen's for the pergola. Some folks use fishing line criss crossed as this fouls the heron from wading in. Their legs work the opposite of ours so anything they have to step over they get hung up on. Raccoons are pretty smart though and can move a hefty size rock even, so staking close togetherlike 6 inch's with heavy duty long stakes they can't pull out or up and a heavy net, not the light "bird mesh" stuff. That light black stuff rips to easily! My Dh made me stakes of rebar he bent the tops over (no easy feat) and they are drove in ground with a sledge hammer! I also have a sensor light so night maruaders have a good scare as soon as the light comes on, they have me and 3 dogs chasing there furry hinney's :rofl

Night shifters do have some fun and I'm sure the one and only raccoon who ever tripped the light is still wondering what the heck that awful racket was chasing him! :rofl I had a shovel whacking the ground behind him as I chased him....

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