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Complete Goldfish Anatomy

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I made this illustration for a design class while doing endless research on goldfish anatomy. I thought it shouldn't go to waste and that I would share it with the forum. It covers the external, internal, and skeletal anatomy of goldfish. The illustration speaks for itself with the color coded tabs for identifying specific anatomy related parts. This illustration was created with Adobe Illustrator CS2, in case you wanted to know. The whole thing took me anywhere from 4-5 weeks to make. Also, if you would like to view some of my artwork, here is my Illustrator World page link: http://ogre.illustratorworld.com/

By the way, I know this article doesn't have alot to read, but there isn't alot of detailed illustration on the forum. I wanted to bring a more exciting element to the site, and also make the process of learning the anatomy of these wonderful creatures as fun as possible.



Also, as a side note, photobucket only allows me to have a maximum size of 800x600. If you wish to have a full sized wallpaper version of this image in 1024x768, you can message me through the forum.

- Frusciante

Click here to view the article

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