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Fish Nearly Got Sucked Up In Filter

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This morning i woke up, and i saw that one of my fish was stuck on my HOB filter and couldnt move. Luckily i woke up at 5:45 am and turned the filter off.

I have turned the suction of the filter a bit lower, but this will not solve the problem. Do any of you now what i can do? should i put, mesh or something around it, so the fish cant go near it? Or is there something at a pet store?



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Use some hose- like panty hose- to put around the filter intake with a rubber band. That should help, and you can remove it once your goldie is big enough to be able to get away. With it on, he might get sucked against the side, but he won't be sucked UP it, or harmed by getting part of him stuck in it.

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