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Guest Matthew+Heidi

? About Feeding Behaviors And Fish Waste!

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Guest Matthew+Heidi

Hello everybody!

I'm now on day 9 of cycling my tank with my oranda, and things have been going pretty well UNTIL tonight.

Now, Suki seems to be acting normal, no visible signs of stress on her body or fins (no spots, fungus, fin rot or anything). BUT, tonight I noticed a very long, light-colored and clear, stringy strand of poo stuck to an artificial plant.

It has me a little worried now, and it made me wonder about my feeding habits and if everything is okay.

I've gotten into the routine of feeding Suki just once a day, 4 medium pellets. I roll the pellets around between my fingers in the water to get the air out and so they'll sink. She eats absolutely fine. I fed her 2 extra pellets tonight.

I'm wondering if I'm feeding way too little? I just feed her one at a time because it seems like anymore more would be too much for her to handle. It takes a couple of minutes to feed her.

Since my tank is still cycling, I've been worried about over-feeding... but maybe I'm under-feeding? Would that cause the oddly colored poo? And how much food seems normal for a 2 1/2 inch (excluding fins) oranda??

I've been keeping the ammonia levels down by doing 20-25% water changes anytime it nears 1.00 ppm, and I add my water conditioner/dechlorinator to water with every change. I've also been adding 1 tsp of aquarium salt per gallon of water to help with stress.

Sorry for such a long post, I'm just a bit worried and hope this isn't a sign of anything REAL bad. Since it's only the first time I've seen her poo like this, I'm not too worried. I'll keep you posted on her poo in the coming days.

-Heidi- :blink:

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Hi Heidi,

Occasionally long stringy pale poop can be the first sign of an internal bacterial infection, though not always. Sometimes this seems to be caused simply by the diet the fish is currently eating (one of my fish does this every time he eats too much vegetable matter). As she has been eating pellets constantly over the last two weeks, you might like to try a different food to see if this will improve the consistency of her poop. I would try a little gelled food if you can get it, or even a tiny amount of frozen live food such as bloodworms. If nothing else she will enjoy it very much! It is best to vary food as much as possible with goldfish and feed a mixture of dry and fresh foods, including some veggie stuff like fresh peas or algae flakes every week.

It sounds like you are doing everything absolutely right with regard to water-quality and cycling etc., so all I would recommend for Suki really is keeping the salt concentration up where you currently have it - as salt is a good anti-bacterial agent - and keeping a close eye on Suki over the next few days. If she shows any increasing signs of sickness (such as lethargy, clamped fins, sitting on the bottom, loss of appetite or red streaks through her body/fins) then treat with a medicated food such as Medigold, which you can buy online from The Goldfish Connection. Alternatively, you can treat the tank with a water-based antibiotic, such as Maracyn and Maracyn II combined, whch you can find in most fish stores. Both treatments are effective. But wait and see first if it really is an infection, as it may well be nothing to worry about. :)

As for feeding amounts, it's hard to say whether four pellets are enough for her, although 2.5 inches is a very small fish, so it probably is enough depending on what kind of pellets they are. However, it's certainly true that you should only feed very sparingly during cycling. I would feed no more than you are currently doing (not more than she is able to eat within two to three minutes, once a day).

Hope this helps. :)

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I agree with Emma :goodpost

I would give her a couple of peas for one of her feedings. Just cook a few frozen peas in the microwave in a bit of water for a 15 seconds or so to thaw them out. Then pop them from the shells and squish a bit between your fingers and feed. Goldfish love them and it will add a bit of roughage to her diet.

I try to vary the diet of my fish with different foods. I feed homemade gel food (tomato based and pea based), spirulina pellets (soaked), Progold pellets, shrimp pellets, blanched zucchini, peas, cauliflower, broccoli, potato, rice, various freeze dried foods such as krill and tubifex, and once in a while a feeding of soaked flakes.

Hope this helps and please keep us posted on the progress of your fish :D

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