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Making Plants Grow

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to make plants grow you need to have lots of gravel and places to plant you aquatic plants like under rocks and caves. you will also need sufficent lighting system's.you need to have your substrate it can be gravel or you can use small teera pots for planting.

Low light/no algae issues:

Anubias - many varieties, very slow growing, thick rubbery leaves, fairly expensive, plant the roots but not the rhizome or attach it to driftwood or rocks

Crypts - many varieties, slow growing, prone to melting after a move (some leaves fall apart, it may look dead for a while), a root feeder so use root tabs around them

Java Fern - several varieties, very slow growing, easy to find, best tied to driftwood or rocks

Java Moss - good spawning place for many fish, must be tied to driftwood or rocks, slow growing

Low light/algae issues:

Anacharis - easy to find, very fast growing, some fish will like to eat it but it can usually grow faster than it's eaten, can be floated or planted

Hornwort - somewhat harder to find, very fast growing, may be eaten by some fish, can be floated or planted

Medium light/no algae issues:

All plants listed above +

Wisteria - fairly fast growing, many fish like to eat it, can be floated or planted

Water Sprite - similar to and often confused with wisteria, can be floated or planted

Compact Sword - stays about 6-8 inches tall so a good sword for smaller tanks, propagates by growing little plants on stalks that can be cut off and planted when large enough, root feeder

Amazon Sword - can get very large so more suitable for large tanks (55g+), root feeder

Madagascar Lace Plant - grows from a bulb and has unique lacy leaves, can get fairly large

Medium light/algae issues:

Green Hygro - grows like a weed with enough light, illegal in Florida and Texas

Water Sprite also works for this purpose, as do the plants listed for low light algae control

NON AQUATIC PLANTS (often sold in pet shops as aquatic):

Mondo grass

Purple Waffle

Aluminum plant


Brazilian Sword

Pinapple plant


Scarlet Hygro (Sunset Hygro is aquatic)


Dragon Flame

plants usaully sold in pet stores

Onion Plant

Water Wisteria


bannana plant

java moss

Java Fern

Amazon sword tail

Sword tail




the best way to make your plants grow with your gold fish is having good lighting

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