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Gah *jerks At Hair*

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Ok do you remember that I lost the two little deformed fish a couple of months ago, one was my fry, and one was a fish with a severely deformed mouth that I rescued.

Well the fry died, and I figured it was due to it's deformity, because that is what it looked like to me. (still very possible). But then it's tankmate started hiding, but it came out to eat, and was still acting normal (no fins clamped etc) just hiding a lot more. Then suddenly it was floatie and weak for no reason, I found it stuck to the filter. It of course died.

Then a few weeks later in another tank, my ranchu started resting mid tank in the corner. It was still eating and would swim when I approached the tank, so I didn't think too much of it.

Dropsy. It died. It also had a split in it's tail, and became floatie right before it died.

A week later, in yet ANOTHER tank, Woogie is floatie, his tail splits to ribbons, his scales start to stick out. DROPSY, he died.

And now, Moochie is acting funny.

Moochie has actually been acting funny for a long time, probably close to a month. She is a pearlscale, and is a fat little thing. She has been hiding behind the flowerpot in the tank, and wedging herself right in there, usually head standing, but sometimes tail standing.

If I approach the tank, she comes out, swims around, eats, she's pooping etc. So I figured maybe she was just a bit floatie since she was a pearlscale. There is a really good current and strong aireation in that tank, so I figured that she probably liked to wedge herself back there to keep from being thrown around the tank at night, so she could sleep.

Today I caught her lying flat on her back, on the bottom of the tank, wedged behind the pot. I thought she was dead!

That is definately not normal. She seems floatie in the sense that she can't swim well (she used to swim fine) and she does barrel rolls and summer saults. She does NOT float up to the surface, she seems fine to stay at the bottom.

She is pooping just fine. She looks fine. Her tail is split a bit, but one of the other fish in the tank, could have nipped at that. It does not look like fin rot yet.

She just hides a lot, and is NOT normal, she is acting weird.

I always wait to medicate, but I've done that twice with the same symptoms, and I am 2 for 2 with dead fish.

I moved her to the hospital and added Maracyn 2. I started her on metromeds, but I did not run the temp up yet.

How the heck do you even tell if a pearlscale is having symptoms of dropsy? Seriously I thought I would be able to tell, but I can't. She looks really, really fat, very bloated like she is going to explode. She was always round, but I am sure she never used to look like a bomb about to go off.

I will state my params once again, just in case anyone missed them before, I might as well add them now, and save some typing since this post is already a novel.

30 gallon tank, running for a couple or a few months, was seeded from another tank and precycled.

Ammonia 0

nitrite 0

nitrate 10ppm

pH 8

Temp 76

A/C 300 filter, 14" airstone

Aqua Plus water conditioner

no salt, no meds.

No unusal findings except all of my tanks have had fish dead/or dying out of them. All tanks have the same parameters except, they are different sizes and have been running longer than this one.

Weekly gravel vac, how much water changed depends on how much I need to vac, I usually do at least 40% and on a rare occasion 50%. I do a water change during the week, without a gravel vac, usually 25% or so. And since I've been having these problems, I have been doing a lot of water changes. :o /

They have a billion different things that they eat.


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:blink: Whoah....That's too many coincidences, isn't it/I'm, thinking that you may have infected all your tanks by using a net-water bucket-syphon,etc...in each of the tanks,and contaminated them all.I am no expert on what to tell you Med /Disease wise...I've been lucky,and haven't lost but a couple fish in years... This scares me a little.Reminds me of that awful episode that Daryl went through. Hey this is one time where I hope Im wrong..Hopefully Toothy will pop in and give his thoughts on this,,,Good Luck Hun,Crossing my finger's for ya. :heart

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Oh Jessica I'm so sorry your fish died. I have had a couple of deaths from dropsy lately and one was a pearlscale. When they pinecone you can definately tell.

Queenie didn't pinecone much at all until the end but she was extremely bloated. I lost another fish soon after who was doing the twirling, whirling thing. I tried everything I could think of including antibiotics in the water. If you've got medicated food and they are still eating definately give that a go, a few people have had success with it.

Once they stop eating, that's the end, in my experiences it would be kinder to euthanize as they all haemorraghed terribly.

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Ouch, if this has been happening in the same tank, it sounds like a same source :ill Did you do a fish physical check, eg gill colour, slimy, anything at all that might indicate a sign of parasite? I remember my fishes didn't do any major flashing during their fluke infestation, they just start being inactive, floaty, and perhaps from internal infection, start dying :(

Did you quarantine the rescued fish before introducing them to the tank? Anything new you've done before this happened? I was thinking we should try and pinpoint the cause asap, and treat that first besides the dropsy. If there's a parasite of somesort we cannot see, it would be better to eliminate them first for Moochie in the QT. This is sad...I feel like I've known your fishies for ages, as I hear about them all the time here :( All the best for Moochie...is it possible to do a microscope test, just in case it's an obvious pest?

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Thanks everyone, yes I have done the fish physical and checked for parasites. =o(

The rescue fish that I spoke of above, I had, had for well over a year before it died.

I do have two rescues right now, but they are in the q/t tank.

Moochie seems to be doing fine today, if all goes well, I can hopefully put her back in the main tank after her maracyn treatment.

Who knows what are wrong with them? I certainly don't!


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I think Devs is on to something with the possibility of cross contaminating. I'm so sorry this is all happening to you! Maybe (if you have the courage, patience, and time) you could break the tanks down and start all over? I know, I know... easier said than done, but I honestly have no other advice. :(

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