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breeding questions / fantail chasing

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i have a young 2.5 inch ranchu, a 2.5 inch black moor and a 4.5 inch fantail all in the same 55 gallon tank. the fantail is a bit of an older fish ( 1 year ish? ) and the ranchu and black moor are obviously a lot younger. my fantail is showing breeding behavior and is chasing my ranchu ( and black moor ) around the tank very frequently. he is definitely a male -- i tested this by gently pressing the vent located by his tail and a brown? milt came out. i've been watching hand spawning videos and usually it's white for ranchus. is it different for fantails? if my fantail is chasing my ranchu and black moor does that mean they are both females? i previously thought my black moor was a male. i'm planning to get a few eastcoastranchu fish for breeding in the future, will i be able to fertilize ranchu eggs with the fantail milt or will that create a fantail / ranchu mix? i've seen videos where a guy handspawns ryukin eggs and fertilizes them with both ryukin and oranda milt. thank you for reading!

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