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Hey guys!


I'm new here and hope this is a much better forum than others i have been on with my pets! Not here to be raided, toasted or laughed at.. Im new to true fish ownership with functional tank but I have been a amphibian and reptile keeper/animal freak my whole life and consider myself very educated. I spend most of my days reading.. but. I can't seem to satisfy the itch with this problem PH of mine


So i acquired the cutest little Black Moor fish in the whole wild world (yes i know, a little bias here LOL). His name is Raymond and hes all of like maybe a inch and half long right now including fins. Hes the best thing that has happened to me this year ❤ 


Ive done tons and tons of research before i got him and still am two months later. But this puzzles the crap out of me... I can NOT bring me PH within parameters 🤬 My tank parameters are impeccable but my PH! I dont think its good for Ray and driving me crazy!! I seem to have mastered everything else but that... 


*20 gallons tank, fake plants and deco

*My tank is fully cycled

*Ive got carbon filter as well as the sponge and rock/corral like filter in between

*Every week it gets tested, vaccum and anywhere between 10 to 30 percent water changed and i put the little bacteria balls in it and treatment as necessary

* Theres a light oxygen bubble blower in there too, which i adjust as needed (I cause the tank a bacterial bloom a couple weeks ago OOPS so i turned it up a bit)

* Theres a light with some UVB bulbs as well from my reptile collection. Nothing crazy bright so it doesnt hurt his eyes

* I used our drinking water out of our 20L gallon jug. See attached picture to show the PH of our drinking water

* Rays food consist of the repashy goldfish food that I make myself, peas and a couple brand of tiny pellets for protein. Im a little maniac when it comes down to food. Im a food crazy myself and my kids get nothing but the best. No crappy filler and things they wouldn't find swimming around in nature


Any one has experienced this?!?! Ray is thriving, hes happy like a pig in 💩 and I am not concerned at this point for his well being (besides that time i thought a pea had gotten stuck in his mouth 😳😳) as is seem to be such a happy, obliviant little dude! He cracks me up ❤


BUT.. what about that freaking PH?!?!?! Why of all things am i having a alkaline problem?!?! So frustrating......


The picture with the 2 tubes are our drinking water

The picture with the 4 tubes are my tank water on my weekly check

And a picture of Rays little homes right now. Before my water change/cleaning





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Dang! That is some wacky ph.

Let's to a test....

Get a jug of water that you use for water changes. Test the water in the jug. Then let it set for 24 hours and test it. If you have a bubbler you can put in it, that would help, but it's not necessary.

Report back. Let us know. I'm interested to see if the water goes up or something in the tank is doing it.

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Watching this with interest.  It could be that you just have a fairly unstable pH or acidic water source, it does happen, depending on the municipality.  If you can buffet it enough to stabilize it, even if it is lower pH than you want, likely your fish will be okay :)

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