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Re-homing Blue based calico ranchu

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Hi there, recently stocked a 30 gallon with 3 ranchus ordered online... well 4" is a lot bigger than I remembered lol and I'm looking to re home one of the little guys.  Preference is given to someone local, He's a blue based calico at 4+" in length, just a lovely little bugger.  Looking to recoup some of what I paid ($80) but will be happy to take less if I know he's going to somewhere he will be loved.  Possibly able to ship, although I'm a bit nervous I do have the necessary equipment to do so as I ship a lot of live plants.  Thanks for looking! I'll attach the photo from the website I purchased, additional photos/video can be sent with serious inquiry.  Also, I'm located in Norwich CT USA.  Can drive a bit as well, spend a lot of time in Massachusetts. Thanks All!


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