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Apple snail babies in Goldie tank!

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Hello all! Just woke up as a mother to a clutch of apple snail eggs! I caught them just in time before my goldfish would find them. I must of killed a few getting them detached from the glass as I wanted to move them into a separater to give them a chance. There in Thier on dryish tissue and filter floss as was researching to hatch they needed to humid and dry. At the bottom of the separater there's a hole for when they hatch. I would of left them but they would of 100% eaten by my fish. Doing some research but would appreciate any tips as I wasn't prepared for this at all

Wanna make sure the little guys hatch okay in respect for mrs snail, bullet.I got my spare tank up for when they hatch. Brought a new submersible light as the old light connections are jacked. And cuttle bones. But would appreciate some tips thanks. I'm new to this mother thing!


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Congratulations on your new clutch of eggs!

It's been forever since I've had apple snails and I never raised babies but this was my reference back then:


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