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So Rustic, my male Comet... was absolutely BATTERING Tercey, a female Ryukin. Got them both last October as tiny baby fish.

He's grown much faster than her. He's much stronger than her. He has much more endurance than her. In addition to that, a few of the male Ryukins were going at it, as well.

The little girl was exhausted and listing sideways and just out of energy after a while. He wasn't giving up. I feared they would kill her. I decided to pull her and put her with my two indoor girls for a bit. 

This tank has extra current and aeration because Shembje and Tangelo are Costia survivors and sustained Gill damage. The Costia is gone and their tank is disease free, but I do feel weird about putting Tercey back so I think she may stay. Not sure yet. But hopefully she feels better soon.

BAD RUSTIC! Silly single tail. I may seek to boot him if he goes after another. The last big single tail I had was Asteroid, who was female. This issue wasn't there. Shrimp I'm almost sure is female too. 

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The only sensible reason for not mixing long bodied and short bodied goldfish is the potential problem of long-bodied males aggressively courting weaker short-bodied females.  Goldfish boys like their ladies fat. 

Actually any female ready to drop her eggs can take a beating from any male.  The males become more aggressive if they have competition.   I made a point of having the females outnumber the males in any pond after seeing a female pounded on by three competing suitors.  I haven't had a problem since.

Also one can catch the fecund female and one suitable male and put them in a tub together until she has completed spawning.  As long as the walls of the tub are smooth, she won't get hurt.

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Yup. I thought he was going to kill her. He was nasty. She wouldn't have many eggs at this point. She's still well under a year old and super tiny. She couldn't take too much more of that. The other single tail is female. Hopefully Mr. Rustic takes it easy now. 

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