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Asteroid... 1 year

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Before and after.

Approx 14 grams - Approx 105 grams

Regular goldfish. Mostly Common I think but some Comet as well. Female confirmed. Really took off last summer. One of my friends wants her and if all goes well, I will fork her over. She outgrew all my sweet fancy babies and she stinks lol. Still, it's fun to have a regular goldfish and I have a few tiny ones from an experiment that I have still. Hopefully they don't grow this much! 



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She really has taken off, my common is only 55 grams after 1.5 years lol. She was only 4 grams when I got her though

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She was the largest 29 cent feeder in the tank by far. Clearly she's just a genetically large fish. She was too large to even be a feeder for many fish. If my friend doesn't want her, I'm sure she will really outgrow my sweet fancies by the end of the summer. Grrr.

She's common/comet mix. Her body is quite "common" but her tail is "comet". There's nothing special about her. She's a regular plain orange goldfish. Worth $5 if I am lucky. If she grows about twice that big, worth $10 if I am lucky. 

I've got these two from an experiment still left. Shrimp and Rustic... Both Comets. More along the size feeder fish NORMALLY are. They're doing just fine. I guess I will have to keep them. I don't want any harm to come to them. 





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I so want a pond with these guys. I just love the single tails :)

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