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Emergency evacuation procedures???

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Hi all,  Chris here...  I would love, love a how to or what to do protect our fishys in a emergency situation....   I live in the current mandatory evacuation are cor the Canyon Fire in Corona, Ca....  our cars are packed and ready to if conditions threaten our safety...  But my fish???   How do I move them safely if I have to get out???  

Last night it was touch and go for a few hours...  I had just completed my tank maintenance earlier in the day prior to the possibility of an evacuation, then things changed rapidly...  I had no idea how to protect my fishys...  So I fed them... Turned of their heater off, closed the lid and covered the tank with a heavy towel...  We were not force to leave and the fire conditions have improved greatly... So, Better late than never...  Can "we" build an emergency guide for all that can be used by all, when the need arises???  Weather, fire, natural disaster...

What do you think???



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You do just as you would for moving.

First, stop feeding.  Change all water.  To move your fish you want 5 gallon buckets and strong plastic bags to go in them.  The fish go in the plastic bags.

You can find air pumps powered by batteries and some that can plug into your car.  Get one for each bag.

Each bucket has a bag in it.  The bag holds clean water, fish, and an airstone.  You can also throw in some biomedium from your tank filters.  You tie the bag snugly around the air hose.  Bring your test kit and your Prime.  Don't feed and you shouldn't have to worry about the water getting bad for a few days.  When you get to your safe place, get a container/ containers for the fish.  

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Good idea. :thumbs:

When I lived in CA and in the fire zones. I always had buckets of water and empty ones too. When the ash started to come down I would turn everything off and cover the tanks. I wouldnt feed them either in that time. I also had a batter operated air pump so in the time I needed to get them out I had some kind of air to put in there buckets. Then I would have some water ready. 

So I would say.

1. Buckets to move them in.

2. Test kits

3. Battery operated air pump and stones.

4. Prime Oh make sure you got that :)


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