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I have a moor and a fantail. I used to feed  them flake food, the advantage of this being that my nearsighted moor Freddy was able to find it and eat. I have recently upgraded to gel food- something I have wanted to do for awhile. But now my faster and much sharper sighted fantail Isabel is gobbling like crazy before Fred gets a chance. I am afraid to just put in more food, for fear Isabel will eat too much and/or I pollute my water with too much food. I am thinking this must be a common problem. How do you deal with it? 

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Considering that your moor could find the flake food, I suggest a floating pellet.  These rarely foul the water since the fish will usually eat every pellet before  it sinks and you can easily find and remove any they don't eat.  I'd recommend the one I use, but the smallest container package contains 5 pounds, which would take a long time for two fish to eat.  Hikari makes a floating food that sounds pretty good to me.

I find teaching the fish to take a floating pellet from my fingers very easy and provides a lot of control.

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