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bronze moors?

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I always thought the term, moor (spell?) meant that the fish remained a stable black. 

Jenny of Solid Gold had a recent update of her moors from the breeder Amy Shanka (spell?).  I thought the fish were simply gorgeous, but they weren't black.   Does this happen to all moors?  I liked how Jenny set them up in the aquarium just for filming - very pretty.  I want those fish, and that tank (although as a permanent home, it might have been a little overstocked). 

Wish I had more space....

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I see many moors with that bronze color. Not usually that light though. I've noticed that she kept them in a light colored pool. When my fish were kept in a light pool, all of them lost almost all of their black bits.

When the bottom grew algae and became much darker, all the black returned. Because hers stayed light, I think maybe the fish did too? You can check out how my fish looked before and after. Maybe? I'm not sure but that's how it happened with me. 




DSCN4364_zpskwwtexlh (1).jpg



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I agree that the colour of the environment seems to impact the colour of the fish as well!

When I had my calico Ryukin and my Calico Butterfly in my barebottom, blue background tank their black faded dramatically, there was almost none left on the butterfly and none at all left on the Ryukin

Within a few days of having them in my tank with black sand and black background their black darkened so much and is now very solid and very black

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