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Parasite Prevention

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Hello every one, 

today's question is on parasite prevention. I have a 55gal tank with 4 telescope butterflies.

I've read/heard that some aquarists do quarterly parasite prevention treatments. I'd like to learn more about this so that I can prevent more often than treat when parasites signs become visible. 

Do any of you have any preventative treatment processes you do? and willing to tell me what works best for you? 


Thank you :)


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You cannot treat to prevent parasites.  Fish, like us, normally have a population of parasites that they control with a healthy immune system.  If you treat healthy fish, you will kill off some of the parasites, but not at random.  You will kill off those that are most sensitive to the medication, leaving a population including those most resistant to the medication.  

Unnecessary use of antibiotics has produced "super bugs" -- bacteria with resistance to virtually every antibiotic we have.  Non-bacterial parasites do not develop resistance as fast, but they eventually fail.  If you talk to old-time fish keepers, they will tell you that several decades ago they could eliminate most parasites with salt.  Those who sold "aquarium salt" recommended you protect the health of your fish with continuous low doses of salt.   As a result, most fish parasites now have no sensitivity to salt at all, and others have so little sensitivity that you need salt concentrations that can harm the fish in order to kill the parasites.

That said, you can keep your fish from getting sick from parasites.  Read our guidelines for healthy goldfish, then follow the advice there:  

Keep your fish in plenty of clean water in a tank that provides lots of swimming space.

Test your water regularly to detect any problems.

Quarantine all new fish or other animals for at least a month to avoid introducing new pests.  Wash and quarantine plants before you add them to your tank.

Feed modest amounts of high quality food.  You may include some natural foods as a supplement.

Don't use any medicine that we (or other reputable sources) haven't recommended after you have given a detailed report of symptoms, history, water parameters, and maintenance procedures.  Note: reputable sources do NOT include employees of pet stores.  Even those that keep fish rarely know much about the special needs of goldfish, and they get paid for selling medicines.




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I also like to have a closed tank. Meaning not adding things into the tank once I have done my prazi round :) 

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