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Year-old cycle still having issues.

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Ammonia: .25ppm, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 30ppm, pH: 7.8

I have a 75g tank with an Aqueon 55g external (hanging off the edge) filter with a ton of bio-beads in it, as well as a Tetra Whisper 40g internal (hanging inside) filter filled to the brim with bio-beads, as well as gravel, and some filter media inside the 55g filter, but for some reason, my ammonia will never fall below .25ppm! There are 5 fish currently in the tank, one that is 6 inches while the others are 2 inches or less, and the cycle has been going for at least a year. When I change my water, I always make sure to condition it before any chlorine can affect the bacteria, so what am I missing? Is there not enough oxygen in my tank to support the bacteria's growth (i dont have an air stone)? Im stumped! 

Thanks to anyone with some insight!

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