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How many peas are to many?

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I just put my baby Ranchu into her 20g long 3 days ago, from quarantine, and she definitely is an eater.. Her diet consists of 1 pea a day, and some freeze dried blood worms. However, I notice that she is always begging, and she eats all of her food in well under 1 minute. Could I possibly feed her 2 peas a day? Is that too much fiber? Or should I amp up the bloodworms that I feed, I'm just not sure....  :idont  I feed her a pea everyday because of the floaty problems she has when she was in QT, she likes them, so, I just stuck with it. She is an inch and 5 cm, and she is definitely growing, just wondering - can I feed her more peas?  :idont

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I personally would feed vegetables or treats like frozen foods every 2-3 days a week. Freeze dried food is too dry and lacks nutrition. Goldfish always beg for food. Don't overfeed them. For smaller goldfish (1-3 inches), I would feed them 3 times a day and two mouthful.

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People who "grow out" ranchu babies for showing feed them large amounts of food several times a day.   While they feed peas and bloodworms, they also provide commercial food to assure a balanced diet.  I don't, however, recommend feeding for maximum growth unless you plan to show, since this greatly shortens the life span of the fish.  


Goldfish in nature nibble on food continuously.  If they don't have algae or some other live food in the tank to nibble on, feeding them a little food multiple times a day makes your feeding more natural.  


Have you researched the nutritional requirements of goldfish and compared this with the nutritional composition of peas and bloodworms?  

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