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My Goldie Gang

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I wanted to start a thread where I could keep all of my goldie pictures & updates in one place, so here we are!

I currently have 4 babies in a 20 long temporarily and will ultimately be moving them into a large tank (most realistically probably a 75 but I'd love a 90 or 125).  I love watching their interactions and unique personalities!


Here's their tank.  I have some river rocks & pebbles scattered around for aesthetic but it's functionally bare bottom.  Originally I only had the 3 plants to the left of the cave in there, but they really didn't seem to like all of the open space and were always hiding in the cave.  I may end up removing some of the plants as they grow.




This is Ophelia, Opal for short.  I'm really interested to see if she keeps this color and if not what she changes to.  She really enjoys pushing all of the rocks around - sometimes I can even hear her doing it from the other room!



This is Georgia.  She's by far the shyest and is hard to get pictures of because she likes to hide in the cave when she sees me moving around.  She's been getting a little more confident as the days go by so that's fun to watch.


This is Jackie.  I bought her & Wilson together before I bought Georgia & Opal together, and as soon as I added the second pair she completely ditched poor Wilson and just wants to hang out with the big girls all the time.


This is Wilson.  I have a soft spot for him because, while he's not anti-social, he doesn't seem to have a care in the world and just kind of does his thing wherever, oblivious to where the rest of the gang is.  He definitely needs some fattening up so we're working on that.


Georgia and Opal together


Opal with Jackie


In this pic you can see all 4 of them and I really like it because it displays their personalities - Georgia in her favorite hiding spot, Jackie following the oranda pair around, and Wilson just doing his thing in the top center.

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Aw they are so cute :D I love Opal. I have a fish named Opal too :teehee

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They are adorable, thanks for sharing. :)

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