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Gasping Behaviour

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One of my butterfly telescopes will constantly gasp at the surface after feeding until he gets buoyancy issues and just floats upside down..

For reference I have a 240 litre tank with 3 medium sized goldfish. I have a large air pump with two airstones and the filter also creates a lot of surface agitation. My water parameters are always 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and between 0 - 10 nitrate.

None of my other fish do this. I feed them all a staple diet of repashy soilent green, Thera AA+, seaweed, algae wafers, peas and other greens, frozen bloodworms/ daphina etc.. I've tested multiple things to try and stop him gulpinh for more food. When i fast him its fine. But as soon as I give them food, no matter what it might be he will then start gulping at the surface once the food is gone. I feed them on a schedule which i have tried changing, turning lights off during the day.. feeding only vegetables, reducing water level, adding aquarium salt to no avail. He's been doing this for months now and I'm convinced its a behavioural problem and I don't know how to help him!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Welcome to Kokos! 


Your fish comes to the surface to eat the protein-rich biofilm that floats on the water. In slurping this film, he swallows lot of air.   This film mainly comes from soft food -- gel foods, soaked pellets or pellets that don't get eaten quickly, peas, etc.  You can remove the film with a surface skimmer, either

or purchased.  If you buy one, be sure it works for freshwater, since some only work in saltwater. Edited by shakaho

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Welcome to Kokos!!!!

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