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Gengi comes indoors

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Sorry I haven't posted in a long time (and I promised pics, which I still don't have...hate tech stuff). 


Anyway, been busy with winter preps.  All the fish were moved.  I put most of them in an empty 300 gal tub under a tarp.  They will have more space and water volume there for the winter.  My two fantails went into the green house in their same fifty gallon tub.  Gengi was in the 300, but the poor guy - he does seem to be a bit delicate.  He went from a minor tilt to serious flooty issues.  I'm not asking for diagnostics, I think maybe he just had a full belly, and maybe it got too cold for him after the last time it was warm enough to feed. 


He is inside now, in his own Sterelite hospital tank where he can slowly warm up.  I'll give him some peas for a clean out once the temp is higher.   There is NO room here for a nice display tank, but I do like having a fish in the house.

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