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weight gained by age?

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I've seen a few people post about their goldfish's weight and was curious if there's any chart of weight they should be around at a certain age? Mainly talking fantail but also ryukin, telescope and moon.

I wanted to know so I could tell if my guys are growing faster/slow then normal. It is nice to have something to compare it to. I know that all mine seem to grow very differently so maybe there's no way to really chart what weight they should be gaining how often.

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I don't know at all. Depends on genetics. Some fish will just be much larger than others. Most of my fish are tiny cheap "culls" from mass merchandisers with tanks often full of disease. I don't expect a lot of growth from them. They're ALL in the single gram range when I get them. They're all probably around 6 - 10 months of age and range from 12 grams to 24 grams.

I have one from the same tanks that I've had over a year and she's super tiny and is only 22 grams and isn't growing anymore. The one I bought with her was 70-80 grams when I lost her in August. Same food, same water, etc. She was just more aggressive and way bigger. Seems so random.

I have a 5-6 month old Thai Oranda that is already 62 grams but that breed is just bigger by nature so it really all depends. My babies are:

Omen ryukin 5 grams - 17 grams

Randy oranda 9 grams - 17 grams

Robin Ryukin - 8 grams - 19 grams

All these acquired same time and age and 4 months growth

Callisto short tailed fantail 5 grams - 24 grams

5 months growth, acquired same age and size as others

Patiska ribbon tail fantail 6 grams - 13 grams

Was very sick with ich, over 6 months growth

Commander fantail, 10 grams - 13 grams

Shembje fantail/Ryukin cross, 8 grams - 14 grams

Winslow oranda, 8 grams - 12 grams

3 months of growth

Sure kinda seems random to me!

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No such chart exists.  Even fish from the same spawn don't grow at the same rate.

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