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I have a crazy idea, bear with me!

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So the other day I saw this bizarre fish "agility training course" online. It had things like a little soccer pitch complete with net & ball, and little hoops to swim through. It got me thinking again about entertainment for fish. I know bettas enjoy hoops and mirrors and such, but is there anything to entertain a goldfish? I try to mix up my tank decor regularly, but I can't help but feel I could be doing something more.

So my idea is this: A large hoop made out of airline tubing for goldfish to swim through. This would NOT be left in the tank unsupervised, I've read way too many horror stories here on Koko's about fish getting stuck! I figure a diameter of about 6" for the hoop should suffice (my fish are still quite little). I'm going to use a "T" connector to attach the tubing end to end to form the loop, and then attach it to another piece of tubing running straight down to attach to a rock. This way I think (hope) it will float in place.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Questions?

Oh, and does anybody know of any airline tubing in uncommon colors? Something that would stand out so the fish can see it more easily?

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Goldfish training kits are sold and work well - the rule is that if an animal eats it can be trained. Go ahead and give it a try!

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Just use a straight connector, then tie the loop to a rock.  I suggest you get 1/4" irrigation tubing.  It comes in black and brown.  I can't see any danger to the fish with this.


If you watch your fish and toss in a piece of food when one goes through the hoop, you will train them to swim through the hoop whenever you come near the tank. 

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