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Well they sold.

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In an earlier post, weeks ago, I mentioned admiring some blue bubbles over at Buygoldfishonline.com.  They were slender and elegant, a mysterious shade, and the bubbles weren't disproportionaly huge.


Would have bought them, but my credit card was hacked, and I was without one for a couple of weeks.  Have never seen anything like them before.  I emailed the business asking if he might be getting in any more of the same.   Waiting to hear back.


Silly, but I've been semi-obsessing over them ever since I saw them.

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Sorry to hear about your credit card. I hope he gets more Goldfish.

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Yes, so do I.

They were just remarkably pretty, and unusual.


The business owner did get back to me, and said they are infrequent, but do come in occasionally. 

Not in a hurry, I'll just have to keep an eye on the site.


Very dark butterfly telescopes (when the eyes aren't *too* exaggerated) also appeal to me.

The idea is to house them in a large Sterelite (sp.?) tub set under one of my inside vivariums.

I'd probably decorate with large pond rocks, and a very thin coating of light coloured sand. 

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