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Fighting for the fish.

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I just got my first fish that I fell head over heels in love with. So I'm learning so much stuff about pH ammonia etc. My roommate has a tank with 3 goldfish that are huge. They're in a 25 gal tank. Not big enough by many gallons. So I bought a 75 gal acrylic tank it's beautiful but he's not in a hurry to move them. I am in a hurry. I tested his water for ammonia when he wasn't home and I about lost my mind I just started changing water as fast as I could. I then tried to educate him on the torture tank he has going and I'll tell you my house was a fight everyday for a week before everybody in the house was on him to listen to me. My approach got a little harder everyday I admit that . But my tone of voice isn't the issue at hand. His fish are damaged from his husbandry. I don't take it lightly to do something with somebody else's animals without their permission but I did it anyway . He knows now that if he won't do it right I will. This morning I got up and he's working on the tank so that's good but they need to move asap. I've never set up a big tank . And I need some guidance with it. My house is not on the verge of a fight happening over it because I think he figured out to stand down if he's not gonna do the work. This has been a long situation to get to this point. I'm drained.

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i know you consider this a horror story, but i noticed you mention that you 'need some guidance with it'. would you like me to move this topic to the water quality section? i think it will receive better attention in that forum.

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