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Tele's eye receding?

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I noticed today that one of Franki's eyes has either shrunk or receded or something.  There doesn't seem to be any other damage, but it seems to be making him swim a little differently too.  Is this a common thing?  I'm wondering if he hit it on something, or if there's something else going on.  They were both growing fairly evenly, but now one is really big and one is much smaller.


As I think of it, one of my other babies had the same thing happen.  First one side, then the other, so they ended up even in the end, but much smaller than they had been at one point.




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do you have much earlier pics of this fish for comparison and can you take a clearer picture of the larger eye so that we can see if there are any fluid rings that shouldn't be there?

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Thank you, here are a couple clearer ones from last night.




And a couple from this morning.




And from Jan 2nd.






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the eye looks healthy.. like a growth spurt.


so what is the situation here. is it that the big eye has grown? or that the smaller eye is reducing in size? or are you not sure?


uneven growth spurts for a telescope's eyes is not uncommon. i agree, the difference is quite noticeable, however, we have encountered this enough times to understand that it's very possible. but, if you think the smaller eye is the result of it reducing in size, then there could be a problem.


so, to really determine what is happening here. you will need to search back through your library of photos on this fish and make a decision as to what the situation is. i take top view, profile view (both sides) and belly pics of my fish as frequently as i can remember. every 3-6 months for sure.

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Thank you - I'm thinking the left eye looks smaller than it used to be.  Looking at the pics I think the right eye is the same and just seemed bigger because the left is smaller now.


That is a really great suggestion to take pics from all angles to have a record!


And do you ever sleep? :o     :teehee Thank you for the fast response! :)

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