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Types of ammonia

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Hi Speckles, I think the cloudy ammonia has detergent and other additives in it so I don't think it is safe for use in an aquarium.  It is not possible in Australia to get pure ammonia due to terrorist legislation.  When I was cycling my tank I was shown a few options...


1 adding fish food to the tank without fish in it

2 fish in cycling

3 another option suggested was urinating in the tank... apparently you only need a small amount maybe a tablespoon or so...


I first did the fish food option then had to teardown and redo due to disease.  The second time round I did fish in cycling, lots and lots of water changes and had plenty of prime on standby.


Don't know if this helps or not. :hi

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While the internet says you should not use ammonia with detergent in it because it "won't work," I've never seen evidence to support that.  I have read comments from people who violated that rule and found the foamy stuff worked just fine.  


Unless you have a huge tank, don't pee in it.  Use a cup and then add a tablespoon or two to the tank.

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Arrrr yes the legislation...

I can just see myself perched on the edge of the tank :yikes !

I was googling and discovered a product aquasonic bio start that is quite inexpensive and has ammonia in it I think...has anyone heard of it??

It's at tech den

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We don't have that product in the US, but it does look interesting. As long as you don't take medicines that taint your pee, I would just use your pee as shakaho prescribes. Otherwise, you'll want to do an internet search on the success of that product.

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