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UK Tank Manufacturers

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So we've just moved house, and thankfully managed to get the fish and tank here in one piece, hooray!

We've moved to a bigger place so the plan was to get a bigger and longer tank at some point. However we've found that our current tank (50 UK gallon, 24'' cube) doesn't fit through the living room door, so it's currently in the entrance hall which isn't ideal. So we want to get a new tank sooner rather than later. I've got the perfect spot in mind, and want a tank that is narrower and shallower than my current tank but much longer, at least 100 gallons.

Our current tank we had made by ND Aquatics, and tbh wasn't that impressed by them for several reasons, so don't really want to order from them again. So my question is does anyone have any recommendations for a tank manufacturer?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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I wasn't happy with my custom build either, took way too long to build (I can't remember how long it was now, but it was ridiculous) and there's certain things (doors on the cabinet) that I'm just not happy with. I got mine from fish finatics. Good prices, but that reflects in waiting time and quality.

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I'm sorry Lis. Was the tank you're unsatisfied with from fish finatics or aquarium manufacturing.co.uk?

I'm asking because I've been thinking about ordering tank from AM as well :/

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