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what are your experiences with stunted fish

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A big 55 gallon tank with just one fish just doesn't allow most people to truly enjoy the hobby. I ideally want two in my 55 but right now there are three. Two are quite small. One is medium. I can manage this with like 1000 GPH of filtration plus sponge filters and regular water changes. Definitely no more. 

Goldfish seem to do better with a companion, I wouldn't keep one alone for that reason itself. Stunting as far as size isn't a big deal. The fish can still love a normal lifespan. Huge fish are more likely to die soon than small ones. Keep their water as clean as possible and ensure they have enough room to swim and they're good to go. 

I prefer ponds but I don't have the resources to manage a large one right now so I have to make do. 

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Yes, you are fine there mjfromga. If they were large really need two in 75 imo. The only thing with 1000gph is agitation. Unless you mean like 2/3 canisters that is okay. A single 1000-1500gph is too much for goldfish in a 55g. Unless you are really diffusing it. They do not like white water.

You are probably fine unless they get real big. It was always stupid to me every place sells big ones for much more than little ones. Yes, I get it but the flipside is we do not have them as long then. I never like to get a new fancy goldfish more than 4" nose to end of tail. So, small. I save and have the fish longer. I certainly always provided enough room except the poor Oscar in the 1960's.

Some get big some do not. Just like people I guess. If a fish does not grow huge in 4-8 years I am not sure it was stunted. Could depend on the circumstances. I just get mad about what I said. 20+ of any fish in a 10g with just an air stone. Some people have no regard for life. Well I am a Vegan to begin with so I am not even the guy to ask lol. I think you are okay though. See how big they get. I prefer ponds too. I won't even talk about my pond because there are going to be non believers again. Lets just say I will do anything for living beings human or otherwise. People say it is a stupid fish. Not to me. Of course I do not tell others what to do unless they are blatantly engaging in abuse. I don't even do that really because now days people just shoot you for it.

I am not concerned about your situation though. It sounds okay. You don't even need 1000gph if you change the water twice a week in that I suppose. If you are up to it might be good with like 500-750gph. You probably know get this thing called python cleaner or make one and it is very easy to change. Just absolutely use a thermometer if you do that. It depends on your water though. If no good/chlorine just fill buckets with it by the aquarium. I am not preaching to you, I imagine you know all this. Just figured I would put it out here.


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Here's the tank currently @swimswim

I did put the third one back home where she belongs. There's just the two others now. They aren't super big and they won't get super big. They're just cheap and tiny Walmart fish. The bigger one is about 2 years old now and the smaller one is a year old. 

Water quality is good since I was able to jump the cycle with some really nicely cycled media and there's a good amount of filtration. The issues last time I ran this tank were nightmarish. Extremely high nitrates and just a mess. I've learned a lot since then. 

There definitely isn't "white water" though there is a bit of current. The filters are HOB (not canisters with strong spray bars) which are both fitted with pre filters to slow flow a tad bit and also so their food doesn't get sucked in. It definitely isn't that bad. 

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