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Goldie Foods

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Hey guys,

I have a Black Moor (Knight) and A gold nymph(Faith), a gold nymph is very like a fantail if your not sure.

Well anyways, i just fed them flakes and pellet and stuff that you buy from the petshops etc. I kinda found it a little uncanny to find out you can feed fish stuff like peas and egg?!

With my fish, what are good food to feed them apart from the regular shop bought stuff? And how do i prepare/feed it to them?

also, whats good stuff to buy from shops? Ive been told to go for progold but they dont stock it over here in New Zealand so yeah....

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Goldies can eat many different things: lettuce

(darkleaf), spinach, cucumber, zucchini, oranges, apples, grapes,

bananas, watermelon, pineapple, tangerines, peas, dehydrated seaweed,

shrimp, krill, bloodworms, earthworms(put in paper towel for 2 days

to purge the dirt out of their system). Plus they may like some

other things you'd never think of.

Most of the veggies/fruit need to be warmed up a little, rather

than being cold. Nuke them in the microwave for about 5-10

seconds. This will help soften them as well. You can expiriment

with thin slices of stuff or bite size pieces or just big ole chunks of

stuff to eat. Just like people, some fish may not like what you give

them. <_< With the peas, make sure to de-husk them. Don't

leave any fruit/veggies in for more than 2-3 hours.

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Ok thanks pm, you seem full of good advice on food for goldies! :)

I cant wait to start trying new foods on my goldies and seeing what they like/dont like. :P

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