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Free fancies and commons in Ontario, tanks and other fish too

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Hi all,

sadly it seems that I will be moving out of province as of April 2013. I have no idea how I would manage to move a 90 gallon during a drive that takes 28 hours, or the fish. I'm already moving two cats, a rabbit, and a horse. I figured I would start looking for homes for these guys now and thought it best to turn to Koko's. I am also entering into my final year of university and waterchanges may become few and far between. I don't want these guys neglected. Pictures available upon request.


1 6-7" orange and white ryukin male.

1 4-5" calico ryukin cross, I believe female.

1 3-4" orange and white wakin, unsexed

1 2" formerly calico, now mostly orange and white pearlscale, female.


1 7" white female.

4 3-5" red and white unsexed surprises. They're 3 years old this year.


Fancy guppies, unknown how many, but I have both males and females.

I think I still have a few RCS kicking around in there as well.


Java fern

Java moss

Rotala Indica

Dwarf chain sword

FOR SALE (after fancies rehomed or with fish)

standard 90 gallon. 7 years old, never moved.

Running 2 aquaclear 110.

Strip light, glass top. Stand included.

Driftwood, gravel, live plants, etc.

Package deal, can throw in all other fishy things and fish as well.

Looking for $600, make an offer.

10 gallon heavily planted (after occupants sold or with fish)

Ecocomplete and Flourite bottom, 3".

Houses guppies and shrimp.

Comes with light, can toss in heater and other fishy things as well

Looking for $100, including fish, etc. I don't want to part this one out if at all possible. Lovely little tank, I can find room for this in the moving truck :P

I am located in southern Ontario, and am willing to drive and meetup. I am not comfortable shipping fish, so please do not ask. Thanks!

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Whoops, wanted to ad it is best to contact me by e-mail as I'm not on here very often anymore.


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