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I have 2 baby starlings!

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Here's the newest video of them....I took it about an hour ago. Read the description, I'm too lazy to type everything again xD

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I just rescued 3 baby starlings. They're still mostly featherless and their eyes just opened. I bring them inside at night. During the day it seems the parents still take care of them, there's fresh poop in the tank and they're pretty active in the nest I made for them when I come home from work.

I feed them when I bring them in (around 8 or 9pm) and then I feed them again when I put them back out (around 7 or 8 am) they don't make a peep between midnight and 7am.

They're chirping up a storm right now, I just fed them and they LOOKED like they would fall right to sleep....but nope! They're awake and demanding to be acknowledged!

I don't think I'll be able to keep them, though. If I did I'd only be able to keep one of them, not all 3.

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