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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! I was just curious what a good snail food list is. The one at the top of the forum no longer exists. I have bought some algae wafers for the time being, as I've read around and seen a lot of people use those (except my fish keep eating them >.<), or the timed released feeders. So far I've seen lettuce and spinach, cuttlebone (where on earth would I get that?), eggshells (I'm afraid the fish would choke themselves on that), and that's about it. Are there any staple 'snail food' kits around? I've never seen any in any of the pet stores that I've been in recently. I also know that you guys don't tend to like hollow ornaments, but I was also wondering about getting a tiny 'cave' ornament or betta leaf, or something , for me to put the snail food into so the fish don't get to it. The reason I'm asking, is because we were completely cleaning out the aquarium to make it non planted, and when we had gotten it cleaned out, I noticed SEVERAL different cracks in the bottom, that also had hairline cracks extending out from them! Seeing that we live in an apartment that otherwise allows no pets, except goldfish (it says so on the lease just like that lol), I didn't want to run the risk of the whole thing exploding and souring our landlord's acceptance of any sort of pets, so we ended up going all the way out and buying a completely brand new 55 gal. Now we have no plants, no algae, and just algae wafers for our poor snails, that the gf keep eating.
  2. What kind of snail is this? I tore down my betta tank about a month ago and found this little guy in my filter. I figured he came on some plants I ordered online. He was just one so I figured if he survived my bettas I'd let him stay. Well to my surprise I found this tiny little guy on the glass of my tank about ten minutes ago when I went in to feed the bettas dinner. How do these guys reproduce. I was positive I only had one in there.
  3. Hi guys ! I am happy to report that I too have jumped on the snail bandwagon I received my purple mystery snail in the mail yesterday from Daniel E.... and the little dude has been doing great so far ! I have dubbed him/her 'Lucky' as shortly after receiving him/her in the mail I received notification that I was accepted for transfer into my top choice college (pretty awesome, eh? ) anywho, I have a few questions as I am new to snail care: 1. are snails as sensitive to water quality as goldfish are? I am temporarily keeping Lucky in a bowl for observation so that any potential yuckies on his shell aren't transferred to mochi's tank. 2. as far as feeding goes...how long should i leave food in his bowl and how often should he be fed ? 3. how often do i need to change is water? i am going away for three days this week- will Lucky be okay? or should i have my boyfriend do daily water changes for him? thanks guys, will post pictures soon !
  4. I was thinking about getting a mystery snail for my betta tank. Was just curious; what to feed them? how to keep shell healthy? anything special they need in the tank? toys/decor you find them may like? do they work in a bare bottom tank? how big do mystery snails usually get? any tips or tricks? just trying to figure stuff out! would love to see your snail pics also!!
  5. I was just wondering if it's ok to have 2 snails in a 5 gallon tank? How often and how much water should i take out when doing water changes? The tank did come with a mini filter but all put in it was some filter floss. Or should I but in some bio media in from my cycle tank instead? Here some pics
  6. Hi I just bought a few neon tetras for my nano tropical tank and I seem to have got a "stowaway" small snail. Does anyone know what species of snail this is? (See image below) Thanks
  7. Here's a little update on all the adult fishies and of course Guss, the snail. Baby pictures will be posted in goldfish breeding section. Maybe a pic of Bill would end up in here... Flopsy au Naturale Guss =) Ursula 'loose momma' GIlbert aka "sir bites himself a lot" Democaracy, proud papa Democracy and the other woman. Some super cute bristlenoses, Merlin and Liliana. The happy couple Alright and introducing, Little Bill the goldfish.
  8. I need a very hardy snail for my tanks. I have had two young mystery snails die on me, and I heard they make a lot of waste and have a high mortality rate. That they also get huge. I fed them both algae wafers. I have one snail I don't know the name of. I call it a cone snail, it just has a cone shaped shell. It hitched a ride in with my ghost shrimp. A while ago it reproduced by itself but it seems the babies have either died or were eaten by now. Not so worried about my ten gallon because that little guy is in there always getting bigger. But. I have a 2.5 gal with a highly aggressive male betta in there. My second mystery snail was for that tank and he literally badgered the poor thing to the point where he was terrified all of the time. Even when I changed his tank. He lived two weeks after that. The pet stores I have near me only sell mystery, but I have seen cones and rams horns there for free because they are a neusance. Is there anywhere online I can buy snails? What kind of snails are best? Both tanks are tropical, and both have live plants. A beautiful anubias in the 2.5 gal and 4 amazon swords in the 10. Thanks for any help!
  9. hey guys! just a quick question! my bf's nerite snail doesn't seem to be eating. what do these guys usually eat? I have given him algae wafers so far. he also isn't very active.
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