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Found 5 results

  1. Sorry if there is another topic covering this, I did not see it. I recently got into goldfish and currently ave 2 (1 blue oranda and 1 calico fantail) both are about 2.75-3" body length. I'm curious to know what age they'd likely be for that size? Also whats the average size (inches) when they are sexually mature? Thank you for the resonances in advance!
  2. Hi - me again For the first time yesterday I decided to weigh my fish (reeeeally should have done it months ago). I know my fish Bubbles is a big girl but I didn't actually realise how much bigger! To put it in context I got my three fish Bubbles, Nessie and Scooter at the same time from the same fantail goldfish tank at my LFS. The shopkeeper said that they were all born this year. Bubbles was very slightly bigger than the other two so at the time I just assumed she was a few weeks older . When I weighed them yesterday Nessie came in at 17grams, Scooter at 18grams and Bubbles ..... 77grams!! . So for a fishy that is not quite a year old yet I was wondering if there is any way of telling how much bigger she is going to get? Although she is a fantail I'm starting to think I may need to treat her space wise as a common goldfish and allocate her a good 100 liters or so in any tank she is in. This picture was taken a few weeks after I got them. This is Bubbles now I'm sorry for the awful photographs, I'm really rubbish at taking photo's and should have really taken some while they were being weighed If any of the Mods feel this topic should be posted somewhere else please go ahead and move it - I really wasn't sure of the best place to post it
  3. so i have two goldfish one is a common and the other is a comet goldfish, i put them both in a large tank which i bought from a guy who said it was a 75 gallon tank but i got curious a year later and i think its only like a 60 gallon after measuring the volume, anyway my question is can both of my fish reach their maximum size in this tank without their growth being stunted. the common goldie has defiantly grown but the comet who was originally the smaller one is now way bigger.
  4. Hi Guys, Just doing the rounds with my tanks to check up on everyone and it occurred to me that my pom pom and my telescope don't seem to be growing…or are growing very slowly. Do these guys just stay smaller?
  5. Hi I am new to this forum so I decided to make my first post. I currently do not own any Goldfish but I am in the process of buying a tank and equipment. I am kind of on halt at the moment because I can't decide on which tank to get! So my question is which would be best for a Goldfish: 40 Gallon breeder or 55 Gallon? And why? Thanks!
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