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Found 11 results

  1. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner goes to..... @FishyMandy When you can send me your information also 4. A choice of either........ Koko hand made fish globe. It changes light color and there is no water in it. Or a Yujin Gashapons Goldfish of your choice.
  2. Hi guys. ECR is sponsoring this raffle for us. Its a great raffle and I hope you will join us. Thank you Cynthia! For every post you make you will get a chance in the random number generator drawing for .......... First prize Winner will receive ..... pair of Juvenile Orandas from ECR's (free shipping). They are the offspring of this fish Yogurt.. These are the fry so far. Also just for an UPDATE! ECR can only ship in the USA. Second Prize Winner will receive ........1 $50 gift certificate for a fish at ECR. Third Prize Winner will receive.....$25 gift certificate for a fish at ECR. Fourth Prize Winner will receive.....$25 gift certificates for a fish at ECR All winners will also get a KG T-shirt and @FishyMandy made goldfish sticker. All Gift Certificates have a year before they expire. So here's your chance to get some really good looking fish. This will End at the End of May!!!
  3. Hello guys, I'm running our first raffle of the year. It will run for the whole month of March. All you have to do is post. Each post is like getting a raffle ticket, so the more you post the more chances of getting the prize. How do I choose the winner? I use a random online number generator. There are 25 posts on each thread. So what is the prize you may ask? 1. A KG t-shirt, they are in men sizes so they run big. I have on hand Large and Medium only. 2. A $25 gift card to Amazon.com 3. A KG bumpersticker. 4. A choice of either........ Koko hand made fish globe. It changes light color and there is no water in it. Or a Yujin Gashapons Goldfish of your choice. Hope you join and enjoy the conversation. Thank you!
  4. I will be updating this thread soon. I will be having our yearly Raffle and everyone is welcomed. Update 9/11/2018 Im giving away two Yujin Gashapons Goldfish of your choice. Also a Koko's Goldfish Shirt (I only have Medium and Large). the only thing I ask is for you to post something about your self, like how did you get into raising goldfish. Everyone is welcomed. I will be randomly picking a winner on Oct 11 2018. Enjoy and have fun koko
  5. Doing a Raffle style RAOK for some easy to grow live plants! What You Can Win: The this raffle is for a small flat rate priority box completely stuffed with water sprite. Before you brush that off, know that I can cram quite a lot in there! Water Sprite imo is a great plant for goldfish tank as it can be left floating or planted/anchored and it grows like mad for me (major nitrate buster). Undemanding plant does fine in low light setups. Free Extras you can request if you win: • java fern plantlets (3 regular-1 narrow leaf)- low light slow growing plant undemanding • chain sword plantlets (unsure exact type)- medium light plant enjoys ferts-can be an iron hog. The person I originally got them from says they get to 2 feet across but they are still babies. •Leopard vals- narrow but long grass like plant-similar to Italian vals but with red flecks. Great background plant, does well in low light, short or tall tanks. Stronger light and iron fert bring out the red leopard markings more. •Nymphaea Taiwan- a smaller lime green leaves water lily, great accent against darker leaved plants like ferns and anubias. Does well in low-medium light. Can be trained to stay certain height with aggressive trimming. •Salvinia minima- Great floating plant does well under a lid unlike frogbit and water lettuce, easier to control than duckweed. •Riccia fluitans- a floating crystalwort, makes lovely soft mats at the surface over time. Can be tried down underwater for scaping too. How To Get It: Make a post in this thread. Each post # acts as a raffle ticket #. You can have random conversations, post photo(s) of your tank(s), whatever you'd like just don't be rude ^^ Post between time this thread starts and July 9th at 7pm EST (eastern standard time) to enter. Winner will be chosen via random # gen by 9pm same day and will be sent a PM. I ask the winner just to pay shipping cost for the package ($7) via PayPal goods and services plants are free of charge. I may have enough water sprite for 2 winners (we'll see when raffle ends) If so I will do another random # gen roll for a second winner (the same person cannot win twice). Example photos of tanks with the plant species mentioned: adult java ferns (regular in back, narrow in front): Lightly planted water sprite and Nymphaea Taiwan ton-o-water sprite Salvinia minima Riccia Chain sword adult (original source's photo) leopard vals
  6. Hey guys I would like to give away two shirts... that means two ppl can win.... Rules. 1. post as often as you want as long as you in a conversation 2. Must be 16 and older. Oh and it ends in two weeks
  7. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/120309-subscribers-only-shirt-or-book-give-away/?p=1870972 Chai Pm me your Address (full) Also which one.... Tshirt or book
  8. Im going to run this Raffle for Subscribers only. It will run until 1/7/2015, post as much as you like and have fun Its for a KG tshirt. Also make sure you ask your parents permission if your not over 18 ..... Happy New Year!!! Thanks for Supporting the site
  9. This raffle will start on the Aug. 1st and will end on the 31st of Aug. 1. Post as many times as you want a day. 2. Be Polite and have fun. 3. The more you post the greater your chances of winning. 4. Everyone can enter. 5. I'm so sorry I forgot to mention in the rules that as in all raffles or prize contests, only those over 18 are eligible. Now the Catch is... Im not going to tell ya whats in the bag just yet.... I can tell you that its three things.... and I will take a photo of an item once a week... to let you guess what it can be..... You dont have to be a Subby to enter this but if you would like to support the site that would be helpful... Have fun guys. First one.... Okay Second Prize........This will be by email... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JQKJLQE/gcrnsts?ie=UTF8&keywords=%2425&qid=1408113762&ref_=sr_1_1&s=gift-cards&sr=1-1 Third One...
  10. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/116570-subscriber-filter-giveaway-aqua-clear-70/?p=1721384 Congrats "HomerJay" send me you address so i can get it out to you
  11. Do not post in this thread unless you are to enter it! thank you With the help of East Coast Ranchu's Im Raffling off a Ranchu... Rules 1. You must be a Subscriber. This is for Subscribers only so if your not please become one its real easy...http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/subscriptions/ 2. By entering this (meaning by posting, need to post a photo of your tank) you are agreeing that you will pay the Shipping of the fish and this can range from $20 to $50 depending on where you live from East Coast Ranchu's place. "Here are shipping rates to the farthest zone I ship to (including Oregon): UPS NEXT DAY AIR SAVER ~ $56.93 UPS 2ND DAY AIR ~ $ $34.19 If they are within 500 miles of my location, it's only $20 UPS Ground /Overnight" and 3. You have the right set up for this fish (meaning a 15 gallon minimum space, either a spare tank or, 15 extra gallons in a tank)..So you will need to post a photo of your tank in which the fish is going into on your first post here in this thread. Also please include the gallons of the tank and how many fish in it if it does have fish. By this you are agreeing to all of this above. koko If you have any questions please pm me about this, do not post it in this thread about question to this.
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