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Found 7 results

  1. Speckles

    New puppy SYDNEY!

    Hi guys, I wanted to share a few pics of our new puppy Sydney: He is 4 months old now [emoji33]
  2. As title says, I have a single (1) dose of K9 advantix II for 4-10lb dogs/puppies over 7weeks of age. It was given to my husband and I when we bought our corgi pup, however she was already 12lbs by the time she needed her dose so its unused, unopened, also comes with instruction pamphlet. Just pay for shipping $7 via PayPal for USPS small flat rate priority box. Only ship in the continental US. This is a 2 pack but 1 dose was used before we received it. There is still 1 dose left.
  3. MissFree

    I'm Getting a Maltese :)

    Hello everyone! After years of depression due to infertility and weight gain due to depression, my puppy research has paid off. I started doing my research from last year because I was unsure of the type of puppy I wanted for my apartment. I started off with the ShihTzu. Then I switched to the Shorkie. Then the Morkie. I always loved the look of the Maltese but I wasn't sure if I could keep one 'white'. I decided that I would get a parti-colored morkie, which is white and brown. Three weeks ago a friend and I went to the local puppy boutique to search for products and price on island versus ordering. The owner had her three dogs there, a gorgeous Maltese, and handsome Yorkie and their adorable son, a morkie. Of course I fell in love with the Maltese all over again so the owner told me that I shouldn't be scared, keeping them white involved some dedication just like having a puppt anyhow. I contacted my breeder in Orlando and asked her to keep me in mind around August or September when she had another litter or Maltese. If not then I would just take the Morkie. The plan was to get the puppy for my 29th birthday in October. This would give me enough time to have my aquariums running smoothly and to finish unpacking since I moved in January. I work so much at 911 that by the time I get home I pay more attention to my fish than anything else. I had a pretty good timeline going until Ms. Judy called me two weeks ago. "Tamia, I have a six week old Maltese baby girl that I need to hold on to until the beginning of August. She is the cutest thing but very tiny. She will probably be four pounds full grown. In addition to that, I'm not sure if I would have another Maltese litter ready by your birthday. Maybe after if you want to wait, but around the time you come up is a big if. If you really want a Maltese I can hold her for you" I told her I'd consult the Mr. She sent me a video of her and I instantly replied shes mine! My boyfriend walked in the door and waked out because he thought I was going off. When I showed him the video even he got a little soft. So, for his birthday, while we are on vacation, We are bringing back our furry daughter, Isys. I named her Isys because I wanted a name that means something. I think this puppy will make me a lot happier when it comes to not having a baby. Nothing can compare to the emptiness I feel, not even my goldfish, but I think Isys will. Isis is the most revered Egyptian goddess, goddess of all goddesses in Egyptian mythology. She is the goddess of magic and life (sometimes death). She is also the goddess of maternal instinct and fertility. You get where I'm going with this right? Anyhow, I'll stop rambling because I know some of you have already yawned. I'll attach a video of her so you can see why I fell in love with her. She is currently still with Ms. Judy until August.
  4. ema0140

    hello tinkerbell!

    here is my newest arrival, she is called tinkerbell and she is an 8 week old lakeland terrier, i cant keep the smile off my face :-)
  5. ANGELMB15

    New puppy

    Short video of my new puppy Max.
  6. Sakura

    Jolie Doing Tricks

  7. Sakura


    I've wanted a doberman for the past... oh, I don't know... three years or so! We always lived in an apartment, so could never have one. But we bought our very own house this spring, and one week later picked up our puppy from a reputable show breeder in North Dakota (Jaimand Dobermans). Our pup's name is Jolie (it means "pretty" in French), and she was born on March 3rd. We drove 6 hours there, and 6 hours back to get her, and we got her only 1 week after moving into our new house. Both her parents are AKC champions, but we don't have plans to show Jolie, she was sold on a "pet" (spay) contract. This is her at 1 week old 6 weeks (they grow so fast!) Her first day in her new home Standing pretty in the grass (I think she was 10 weeks here) Sleepy puppers First time seeing her ears standing up, and goodness are they ever pretty! I can haz stick? Playing in a big puddle We dressed her up and took her out walking around downtown on the Fourth of July. She was a big hit! Sleepy... She LOVES going to the beach! These two photos are the most recent, she is 5 months old now.