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Found 4 results

  1. MK_12

    New snail! =)

    Hi everyone, just wanted to share with you the new member in my tank- Hannibal! He had been in quarantine for a week and I just added him to the tank. Everything went well. He is definitely more active in the tank than he was in his QT container. Already eating away! lol Thanks for looking *He is in his QT container in this pic. I'll take more pics in the future with him in the tank. Wiggles and Ghosuto haven't been bothering him too much lol
  2. Interested in buying nerite snails to help clean algae. How many snail is ideal? Anybody has issue with them laying eggs? Just moved my fishes into 75g tank really no algae on the glass but some on anubias. Where is a good place to buy? Visited several local Petco and Petsmart, they only have mystery snails. Thanks
  3. Goldyfeesh

    Nerite snails?

    So I was at my local fish store today and they finally had nerite snails in stock!! I heard they were good at getting rid of brown algae, and minimal waste producers. Anyways, while I was looking at the tank and thinking about which ones I wanted, I realized I had no idea how to chose a healthy nerite snail. I know for fish you generally observe their fins, body, and behavior, but the snails really didn't do anything besides stick to the glass or the ornaments...and completely motionless... The first thing that came to mind was to google it, but I really didn't get any good results. Then I also realized that I really wasn't very educated on nerite snail care at all. Since I trust the members of kook's the most when it comes to my aquatic problems I thought I'd ask everyone here. Aside from general care and requirements, some of questions I had in mind were: Are they good escape artists? How would I introduce them to the tank? Do they really produce minimal waste? Quarantine procedures? My current setup is a 29 gallon tank with two goldfish, a comet and a common. They're still fairly small, and the common seems fairly stunted, but I think the tank will suffice for now. The tank should have 300 gph filtration and it has an air stone connect to a tetra whisper 40 air pump. I also have two anubias in there and I just bought some anacharis today, which I'll add to the tank after I bleach it. I was planning on adding two nerite snails. What do you guys think? Oh, and do you think 2 for $10 is expensive for what I believe are zebra nerite snails?
  4. MissColonel

    Nerite Vs Apple Snail

    Ok I am thinking of getting 1 snail just because they look like lots of fun I can't decided though should I get a Nerite snail or a Apple snail. I do have slight of a problem with brown algae than green so I know a Nerite would be better for that but I like the size of Apple snails. I am sure I would be happy with either but it is soooo hard to choose. I guess I need help with pos and cons and what are some differences. I don't know much about snails so I need help my ph is also on the high side of 8.2 so I don't know how they would do in that too. Thank You much