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Found 2 results

  1. This is going to be one of the weirder questions i've asked in my life but.. Do male goldfish get, for lack of a better term, blue balls? I KNOW, it's silly, but I have a young male ryukin/butterfly absolutely covered head to tail in breeding stars. He is a stud! Super dominant and feisty. He is only kept with another male of his size because he chases all the females and small males endlessly. I have no females who are in breeding mode, who can stand his...enthusiasm. So, do you think a male who is ready and geared up to mate is going crazy not ..mating? I just wonder if I had a female with eggs and let them do their dance..that he would maybe calm down? I've tried for months to keep him in a room temp tank, no heater, 68-72F and he is still in mating mode. I really don't want to keep him solo, he has been recently separated from the other male because that male's stars have faded and he's calmed down as well. So he gets bullied basically... Anyway, im rambling..I just wonder if anyone has experience with jacked up young males Should I rehome my baby to someone with a pond and lots of lady fish he can chase? He just seems like he has too much energy to be in an aquarium of any size. BTW he's currently in a 40B all by himself.
  2. Hello! I hope this is the right place to post this. I think my three goldfish are at the beginning of spawning. I have one female and two males. The problem is, I've been treating them with Prazi and Medi-Gold, and the female is somewhat weak. She seems to be the most affected by the infections. This weekend I had to remove one of the males because he wouldn't stop attacking her and biting her tail, which was already damaged and split by the flukes. I just now had to separate the second male as well because he started doing the same thing, just not as bad. He was mostly nosing around her anus, but he was also taking nips and causing more damage to the tail, which is now a mess. I'm not an expert, but it looks to me like the vent is more open than usual. Is she going to be okay by herself? Does she need the males around to release the eggs, or is there something else I can do for her? It's too bad this had to happen now. I don't think she can handle them. Then funny thing is I have a divider in the tank, and all three of them are floating there by it, staring at each other--it's quite the messed-up love triangle in my tank right now! Any ideas? Thank you! Sara
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