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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I decided to go from lurker to member in my quest for the perfect goldfish! I am not new to fish keeping though I am new to actually owning a goldfish! I have been doing oodles of research and am finally feeling ready enough to get started! I will be ordering a fish through Cindy and ECR once my tank is set up. I already have a filter (SunSun.. I believe 302..?) but still need to purchase a tank, hood heater and thermometer. I am still deciding on which food to feed. I want the best for my little friend so I will be patient and let it take the time it needs. I am also in the process of building a custom enclosure for my crested gecko so it will be a lengthy project, but a project none-the-less! (If you can't tell by my unorganized heap of text, I'm bad at intros.) I look forward to being a productive member of the forum and hearing all of your wonderful advice! Freakish
  2. Hi, I am new here! I grew up with goldfish... in a bowl I was 4 at the time and didn't know any better, and we did do water changes every other day. Though I am fully aware now that this is not the way to keep fish! Since the I have done the whole tropical fish thing with tetras, danios, and guppies and such and now have an empty 10 gallon tank. All the tropical fish passed away from old age except a red eyed tetra that was at least 4 years old and not particularly nice to newcomers. Well Betty, said red eyed tetra, passed away about a month and a half ago, and in a way I am relieved because she just looked tired and worn out for the past year. The tank is in good condition as it the water, which I tested fairly recently (though I definitely will test again before I get any fish). I am here because I have a, perhaps crazy, dream. I want to breed tosakins! I know this is something I will not be doing right this second being as I will need to get fish and raise them and have at least one pair and significantly more tank space (obviously) and perhaps some experience with other goldies that aren't so expensive. I thought I would say hi and see if anyone had any thoughts about this dream of mine! Also, does anyone have suggestions for my 10 gallon? I know it's definitely not big enough for goldies long term, possibly even short term...
  3. Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to the hobby but I'm not completely new, still there is much to learn I have two goldfish, 1 blackmoor and 1 orange/red oranda. They are in a 20gallon bare bottom tank at the moment, not for long though so don't worry ? , they will be in at least a 40 gallon hopefully soon.
  4. Hi I am new to keeping Goldfish very new about 2 1/2 weeks in. I have a 20 gallon tall tank and 3 small babies Black Moore, Calico Telescope and what I think is a Calico Ryukin (not sure). My son who is developmentally delayed always loved the fish tanks he saw in the doctor’s office and this fall he started school and they had a large tank in the main office every day he had to go look at that tank. One day he asked me if he could have a fish of his own I said if you’re good maybe Santa will bring u a fish of your own. He was trying his best to be super good so while he was away for holiday I went to petsmart and fell in love with the little black moors. I decided I would get him one and of course he needed friends. Asked the person working about keeping goldfish they handed me a pamphlet and pointed me towards the starter kits. I was told to let the tank run for 24 hours then I could come back and get fish. That’s what I did!! The fish seem happy but two days after I put them in my water became cloudy (I admit it I freaked out worried to the point where I would get up in the middle of the night to check on the fish) I have been doing regular water changes (about every 2 days) and I got another filter so I’m running a 110GPH(tetra ex 20) and a 200GPH ( aqueon quietflow 30) filter. By doing research online I’m learning a lot about cycling and cloudy water, keeping my babies happy and healthy. I am happy I found a place to go to when I have questions. I’m planning on upgrading my tank in about 2 months and I want one more fish. I plan on asking lots of questions so I can be ready when it’s time to upgrade : D my babies are still doing well they look good and are active and my son loves to watch them and help me do the water changes. I just wish I would have known about cycling so I could have avoided putting them in harm’s way!! sorry about the size of the pictures couldent figure out how to make them smaller top to bottom Plata, Zero, Yuki , the house m this silly little guy is PlataThe shy little ZeroThe Diva Yukitheir house after water change
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