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Found 2 results

  1. Utah boy working to end the use of the "goldfish bowl." http://www.good4utah.com/story/d/story/utah-boy-working-to-end-the-use-of-goldfish-bowls/33007/Xk5N7vMmjUiQ4wwaaXDZyA
  2. This is a horror story from the late 70's, early 80's when my grandmother decided to buy myself and my two sisters goldfish as a "present." I'm not sure my Dad appreciated that, since he ended up being the primary caretaker of these poor fish. So, the fish were given along with a goldfish bowl that, IIRC, held maybe a gallon, possibly a gallon and a half of water. I don't recall if these GF were of any particular variety, although mine was a black moor. They were probably about 2" in size. The three fish and the bowl sat on our kitchen counter. My youngest sister, who was about 4 when this present was given, kept trying to play with and pet the fish-ees. I'm fairly sure my Dad saw the writing on the wall as to the number of fish crowded in that little bowl. After maybe two weeks of my baby sister goin' fishin', Dad appeared one day with a 20g tank and set it up in our den. In went the gravel, in went the water, in went the fish... no filter, no lid. Somewhere along the timeline, Dad realized a filter was needed and he brought home some sort of HOB, but I doubt it had a power impeller or anything. I distinctly recall three water changes... over 8 years. One when my sister dumped a cup of milk in the tank; one when Dad switched over to an UG filter system; and one other after a major power outage. Dad eventually fashioned a lid out of some plexiglass... after he came down one morning to find one of the GF on the den carpet... fins completely dried out. He put it back in the tank and I'll be dammed if that fish didn't live another 5 years... it actually outlived all of the other fish. There was the ongoing battle with fin rot. 2 or 3 rounds of cottonmouth. There had to be some issues with ick as well. The black moor was the first to go. That would've left 2 GF in that 20g tank... but Dad wanted some sort of catfish to help with "cleanup"... in goes something he called an angelicus catfish. Somehow, one of these GF lived for a bit over 8 years... a testament to the hardiness of the species!
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