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Found 2 results

  1. I was browsing youtube and came across this video, I was shocked at how absolutely HUGE these orandas are! They're like the size of grapefruits Anyways, just thought I'd share (secretly hoping Mochi grows up to be this big lol)
  2. Hi Guys, If you live in Ottawa, I have a hot tip! I was at Big Al's East yesterday and someone dropped off a giant orange oranda. I mean GIANT. He looks like he has (or had) fin rot and he has a few ammonia burns that are healing. The previous owner just didn't want him. He is beautiful. I have never seen one so large in person. Two hander for sure. They want $45 for him. I was so upset because I just filled my last goldie spot. UGH! At the same store, they also have some beautiful medium/large orandas that are fat and so cute! They even have blues and one solid black (may actually keep the colour considering they are a bit older!) $32.99 I think. The Ottawa West store has some chunky medium ranchus. I have never seen either of these stores with fish like that. Check it out! Last week I bought a chunky ranchu and have never seen his colouring before. He is pale yellow with a grey stripe that starts at his nose and goes right to the tail fin. His tail fin has a ring of grey and a ring of yellow. Man I gotta figure out how to post photos lol.
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