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Found 8 results

  1. Amada! (FishyMandy)... give him back, eh? :rofl "In shades of Finding Nemo, a campaign to find a missing goldfish in Adelaide is gaining ground. It may be a not-so-elaborate hoax, but posters and a Facebook page calling for help to find Buster are drawing attention and attracting likes. The posters describe the fish as a "much loved family pet" which is "microchipped" and a spokeswoman says the family is devastated. She says Buster went missing from an outdoor pond covered with netting at their home in Adelaide Hills, not long after the family had moved house. "We thought the best thing to do was get it out there on social media and posters," the woman, who did not wish to be named, told AAP." https://au.news.yahoo.com/sa/a/33315698/adelaide-rallies-around-missing-goldfish/#page1
  2. well, at least i would have been better prepared with 2 spare 120 gallon tanks.. why did this not happen to me? i regularly by from ebay.. NOT FAIR :rofl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzPSmX9ivIU
  3. "Of all the underwater creatures you can find in aquariums, a goldfish might not seem too special. But there’s one goldfish in Shima Marineland in Japan’s Mie Prefecture with a life-story more exciting than most." http://en.rocketnews24.com/2015/06/23/giant-25cm-long-miracle-goldfish-found-after-hiding-in-japanese-aquarium-for-seven-years/
  4. we're weird and wonderful creatures in AU 'A bony bream with two mouths has turned up in a net at Lake Bonney in South Australia's Riverland. Garry Warrick said he caught the unusual fish in the lake or one of the creeks adjoining it. "Both mouths are actually joined together," he said' http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-02-17/bony-bream-with-two-mouths-caught-at-lake-bonney-in-sa/6126422
  5. http://news.uk.msn.com/uk/man-fined-for-swallowing-goldfish-1
  6. I found a really interesting article on fish and the evolution of hips. If you have a few minutes to spare, you should check out the news article and/or the journal article. I thought it made for a really informative read. Journal article: http://www.evodevojournal.com/content/pdf/2041-9139-4-3.pdf
  7. https://rumors.automobilemag.com/feature-flick-renault-twingo-r-s-narrowly-escapes-killing-a-fish-157377.html
  8. i found this funny.. lol http://weeklyworldnews.com/headlines/46731/hitler-goldfish/
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