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Found 29 results

  1. Congrats to "Fantailfan1" what a great looking tank Those flowers are just amazing 2.fantailfan1“75 gallon tank. Both the large anubias I got from Molly are currently flowering. also got the lil white chu from her. ️”
  2. Congrats to "fantailfan1" What a wonderful shot. Great work. 3.fantailfan1“Acrobatic snail on anubias that's about to flower. ”
  3. WOW Congrats to "fantailfan1" What an awesome shot. 4.fantailfan1“Say whaaaaa? Did she just say we're out of gel food?!! ”
  4. Congrats goes to this awesome looking tank "fantailfan1" Great looking tank Can you tell us more about it “75 gallon”
  5. Congrats to "fantailfan1" what a great shot 1. fantailfan1 “Act casual. Maybe she'll feed us...”
  6. Wooot Congrats to "fantailfan1" 1.fantailfan1“40B Ranchu Tank :lisa:”
  7. A little late, but please join me in congratulating Lisa and her adorable pup! :d :nana :congrats:
  8. WOOOT Congrats goes to "fantailfan1" 1.fantailfan1 “Swimmie ”
  9. Please join me in congratulating this week's winners, Angie and Lisa. :congrats: :congrats: Hidr fantailfan1
  10. Lets congrats "fantailfan1 " what a great photo hun 3. fantailfan1 “My weight increased 22% in ONE WEEK?!! Say wha?! ”
  11. Sooooooooooooooooo I went to Blue fish for a few snails. My 40B is in need of a cleaning crew. I picked out 2 zebra and 2 tiger nerites then had to look around. Checked out the tropicals as I've been thinking about setting a 20L up at work. Then I looked at their GF display tank as they won't let anyone purchase from that tank so I know it's safe to look. Next I made the mistake of looking in the GF for sale tank. Lil Mr. Derp Face BEGGED me to take him home. He's 3.2 g of cuteness. They had him labeled as a lionhead. I think not.
  12. Congrats to "Fantailfan1" thank you for being a Great Mod, Helper. supporter and over all Friend hun...
  13. fantailfan1

    The Devil Made Me Do It :o

    My family and I made our annual journey to Chicago this weekend for some Windy City fun! The part I was most looking forward to was meeting up with Jared again. We had a great time (or at least I did ). We met for lunch then headed to Old Town Aquarium, the store where Jared just got his large R&W oranda. The store is in the area of Chicago called Old Town hence the name It is an awesome store! They had 2 large black moors in a tank with several small fantails. As Jared discussed the pros and cons of the large showy moors, I was all "Look at the tiny fantails". We stayed a while and I left without a fish . . . well, unless you count this pleco. I met my family at Dave and Busters and told them about the fish. I debated whether or not to go back. "You're already overstocked, Lisa" "You will need to set up another tank if you do it, Lisa" . . . . My family encouraged me to go back (even my husband was throwing out all kinds of possibilities as to where the new tank could go. I think he just wanted me to FINALLY use the stand for my 40B that we got last year in Chicago that's still in the box. Anyway, of course, I decided to get it. (With some encouragement from Aubrey ) I walked back to the fish store and watched for quite a while. There was one I went back for in particular but then as I watched them, there were 2 other calicos that caught my eye. I narrowed it down to one and went for it!! So without further ado, here is my new calico fantail (still no name ). S/he weighs in at a whopping 4.7 g. I've already bored all the subbies with this but I thought I'd bore the rest of the forum.
  14. fantailfan1

    My Tank . . . Just Because LOL

    Took a video of the fish tonight. Tossed some food in and you'd think I haven't fed them for weeks. Can you hear the movie in the background? A couple of pics
  15. Yesterday was Waldo's 1 year birthday so I thought I would do an update!! I am going to go largest to smallest, saving the birthday fish for last. Here's Saki. I got Saki from Jared in April 2014. She is the sweetest, derpiest fish I have. Last weigh in (November 21, 2014) Saki was 135 g. Today she is 138 g (up 2.2%). We got Bobbie in June 2012. She is Waldo's mom. November 21, 2014 she weighed 111 g. Today she is 122 g (up 9.9%). She was solid orange until recently. Swimmie told her whites have more fun. She's working on it. Waddles came to us via UPS in July 2013. He is soooo Last weigh in he was 80 g and today he is 82 g (up 2.5%, most of which is probably sand ). Swimmie is our oldest fish that we have right now. We got her August-ish 2009. She was all orange for several years and turned all white about a year ago. She was 74 g at the November weigh in and is 78 g today (up 5.4%). Catching up to Waddles. This is a super funky pic of her. Alyssa took the pics and only took one of Swimmie so no other pics to choose from. Peanut is next. Peanut is taking his name literally and staying peanut sized. We got him in June 2013 and he weighed 3-4 g. In November he was 19.4 g and today he is a whopping 20.2 g (up 4.1%)!! Last but not least, the birthday fish!! Waldo (who I have very strong suspicions is female ) was "born" January 21, 2014 and was my sole fry that hatched. In August, he weighed 28 g. In November he was up to 43.2 g and today he is 52.9 g (up 22.4%). I just love him and his white tipped tail. And another of the birthday fish Thanks for looking.
  16. fantailfan1

    Eureka! One Fry

    As crazy as this sounds, and what else would you expect from me , on Monday I noticed some eggs in my tank. Upon closer inspection, I noticed one of them had eyes! It was actually attached to the filter intake. I decided what the heck. Let's see if we can get this thing to hatch. I set up a 10 gallon, added any plants/rocks from the main tank that I saw eggs on along with the filter intake. Long story short, that one egg was the only one that hatched! It hatched on Wednesday night when I took Riley for a walk. I was ecstatic! I got a couple pics . . . and then he disappeared. No sign of him at all yesterday. Upon the encouragement of the subbies (and part laziness) I left the tank set up. This morning I flipped the light on an lo and behold there he was!! We had initially named him Lucky cuz he was pretty lucky to be not only stuck to the filter intake but also the only one to hatch! After he went missing I started calling him Waldo. Not sure which name will stick . . . Without further adieu meet Lucky Waldo. Oh nuts. I need to get on my phone, just a minute.
  17. Looks like we have a tie, and in the our very last poll for 2014. Please join me in congratulating Lisa and Daniel for their fantastic Christmas photos. :nana: :congrats: :congrats: (For those wondering, the entries and poll thread will go up this coming weekend.) fantailfan1 Daniel E.
  18. Congrats "fantailfan1" What a great looking fish and shot.... tell us more about this guy 5.fantailfan1 “Waddles ” http://i1152.photobucket.com/albums/p485/fantailfanmi/1fa79ddc-10c8-45c1-a44e-30daed642f5a_zps36fe0bae.jpg
  19. Since there have been a few questions regarding koi clay and how much and how long it clouds the water, I decided to make a video series of adding koi clay to my tank. The first one is kind of long as I added it and then let it disperse for a while. The other videos are 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes after adding the koi clay. As you can see, it clears fairly quickly although results will vary from tank to tank. Also, notice it does cloud your tank but not horribly. I added 1 tsp of koi clay to my 75 gallon tank. I use Ultimate Koi Clay. And, yes, I realize I should have done this at night so there wasn't so much glare. 15 minutes after adding koi clay 30 minutes after adding koi clay 45 minutes after adding koi clay 60 minutes after adding koi clay
  20. Congrats "fantailfan1" wow what a wonderful tank ... Tell us about it.. set up and all So we can have your secrets http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/03/03/original/yru4ysuh.jpg
  21. Well, what can you say? Please join me in congratulating Lisa and the rebellious Riley for their no dumping dumping win. :Congrats: :Congrats: :Congrats:
  22. I've been meaning to do an update forever. I decided to do it tonight even though Peanut is not back in the main tank yet. I wanted to post pics of my tank from about 1 year ago vs today. How many differences do you see? Old pics: New pics: Bobbie and Swimmie showin off their back sides Peanut sayin from QT And, no, I don't know how many differences there actually are.
  23. koko

    Aquatic Tips Winner

    great tip.....I will now give you a medal and if you want a KG sticker http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/116549-aquaclear-filter-lid-noisevibration/
  24. koko

    Subscriber of the Month Winner

    Congrats " fantailfan1 " Thanks for all that you do hun and for being a great friend
  25. Do to some issues I had, fantailfan1 is also the other winner.. Congrats "fantailfan1" Tell us about this wonderful tank http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s518/fantailfan1/c9e725dd-dead-4eec-87cc-f2e2cbea31af_zps1f3cf778.jpg