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Found 2 results

  1. So I've ordered some Java Moss & Watersprite from AquariumPlants.com, and I was wondering what's the safest way to do a bleach dip on them? I can't afford to get potassium permanganate, and I already have bleach, so that's what I'm rolling with. I'm assuming a 1 minute dip in 1 part bleach/19 parts water, then straight into 5x Primed water, then rinsing under the tap, and then soaking in 5x Primed water to wait as I go through all the plants and to watch them for any melting. Do you guys feel this is sufficient? Will this kill any snails/parasites without killing the plants?
  2. I am in the process of finalizing and making touch ups to my 5 gallon betta tank before I go out and get my fish. Well, let's just say I WAS in the process of finalizing. I checked on the tank this morning and discovered one of my worst nightmares. Snails! Tiny microscopic pond snails infiltrated my tank through my plants. I bought them online and didn't even bother disinfecting out of my excitement and just rinsed them. Things were going smoothly until this happened. I found 3 baby snails so far, of various sizes. No signs of any more. I managed to crush the ones I found and threw them away. I do, however notice that my plants have some tiny cottony growths on them. It's really hard to explain nor can I even imagine getting a photo of it. I fear they are snail eggs. I am definitely considering ripping the whole tank apart and sterilizing the plants. The plants affected the most are my Cabomba, Rotala Walichii, and tiny Tiger Lotus. The anubias looks okay, but I may end up sterilizing that too just for the heck of it. I am really leaning more towards bleaching them with a 19:1 ratio, but the more I read about it the more I hear it's not good for stem plants. Bleaching really is my only option, I can't really get a hold of PP. I might soak it for a minute at most, probably even less. I am concerned my plants might not make it, and if that happens I will be really distraught. The bleach I have right now is linen scented, so I guess I need to go out and buy a regular one. Does anyone have any advice? Are there any other dips with household items I could do to kill these things? Is hydrogen peroxide effective? This is really bad, I should have just bleached them once I got them, I'm afraid some snail eggs may be hiding in my gravel now.
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